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The surprising virtual journey of Maala organization

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The Corona Period: Along with its challenges and difficulties, also presents a opportunity.

An organization that has enthusiastically grasped this opportunity is Maala. With our assistance and guidance, Maala has taken a digital journey that has led to surprising results.

Maala works to promote corporate responsibility and develop the standards of responsible management in Israel. About 110 leading public companies are members of this organization.

Momo Mahdav, the CEO of Maala, had focused on one major annual event before Corona. He realized that it was time to create an alternative and establish a new platform for communication with Maala's partner companies and with the world of corporate responsibility.

The challenge was to set up a virtual broadcast tool that could be operated on a regular basis. The organization prepared an inhouse studio, using video equipment that met professional needs, and trained its internal staff to operate the broadcasts. In the first phase, a virtual platform, Maala Digital, was launched, which broadcast a short virtual meeting every two weeks focusing on a different issue of corporate responsibility.

Momo Mahadav and Loreal speaker at a live virtual event
Screen shot Maala vidtual event
Launching the virtual platform of Maala - Momo Mahdav and Intel speaker
Screen shot from launch event

The platform was launched in May 2020 and since then has held a series of meetings and interviews with leading figures in the world of corporate responsibility. Thousands of viewers joined the broadcast live on Maala’s Facebook profile and on YouTube.

This move to a new platform made it possible for Maala to deepen the connection with its partners, reach additional circles and create contact points with its target audience throughout the year.

Bell ringing on zoom with ceo's of organizations attending the event.
Bell ringing at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange ton the exposure of the Maale ESG index

The next step was to plan an alternative to Maala’s annual event, which, in the past, had constituted a focal point for networking, exchanging opinions, updates and inspiration.

The main topic we had to examine was TIMING:

Is it important that all of the event contents be presented during the event itself?


Perhaps the virtual platform actually offers us the opportunity to upload most of the content so that it can be consumed at different times - each participant according to his need and interest - and at a time convenient to him.

The idea that took form was to set up a VOD website where short videos would be available, presenting lectures, presentations, interviews, field trips, and inspirational materials covering a variety of topics in the world of corporate responsibility.

Maala VOD landing page scren shot
Maala VOD landing page screen shot

Viewing options on the Maala VOD site (screen shot)
Maala VOD site screen shot

The site, launched this December, attracted thousands of viewers, followed by inquiries from leading organizations that are interested in presenting initiatives, actions, dilemmas, and achievements in the field of corporate responsibility.

In this way, in fact, a new platform was created that enables a higher level of professional dialogue with corporate responsibility individuals in Israel and around the world -- a living and dynamic basis for professional dialogue.

Momo Madhav, CEO of Maala, says of the new platform just launched: "It was a very creative experience of building something new, based on an infrastructure of content assets, the staff's capabilities in telling a story and the sharing of knowledge and, of course, interactive relationships with other companies. It also makes it possible to create and share interesting professional content that is not often expressed through the major communication channels, alongside more in-depth content that is usually shared on social networks. I believe this is a platform that can be further developed as part of the diversity of information sources that we consume. Highly recommended..."


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