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Who We Are  

After years of creating amazing events for companies and organizations - we have realized that the world of meetings, events, conferences, and celebrations is changing - due to the Corona Virus pandemic. We see this as an opportunity to master a new world of experiences - in the physical and virtual realm, and take our imagination, creativity, and production expertise to new and exciting directions.

Our team

Avishay Greenfield Caspi

  Avishay Greenfield Caspi


An experienced stage director, producer, and creative content designer, Avishay is attuned to creating innovative events in a fast-changing world. He has taken a deep dive into the study of our ever-evolving world to develop new tools for in-person and virtual encounters. It is a fascinating time for this strong leader to reinvent ways of executing on our expertise.

Avinoam Caspi Greenfield

Avinoam Caspi Greenfield

Masters of Experience

An expert in experience creation, Avinoam is a perpetual wellspring of original ideas. He provides the spark for a vast array of innovative approaches to meet our client's highest aspirations. He is the creative guru of the Pyramid, a leader, and an innovator in the field of events.

Tommy Boyarchic

Tommy Boyarchik


A young entrepreneur from the art world, Tommy represents the next generation of  Pyramid’s growth. His background in leading experimental, on the fringe ventures, prepared him to bring unique approaches to our client experiences. As a musician engaged in the indie music scene, Tommy is knowledgeable of new artists and artistic trends, poised to bring his unique vibe to any production. 

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