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Can virtual events move people?

It is possible to move, surprise, and touch people even at a virtual event.

About 2000 employees from all over the world participated in the annual company event of COGNYTE (formerly VERINT), which launched a new brand that was issued on NASDAQ at the beginning of February.

They laughed; they danced; they were excited and happy to come together for an hour and a half of a shared experience, of empowerment and FUN.

The event was led by Lior Suchard – who has developed impressive interaction skills on the virtual platform – and gives true expression to the term "interactive event." The event integrated a number of professional presentations and empowering, entertaining videos that presented the unique milieu and the DNA of the global company. The "cherry on top" was Netta Barzilai, with her inexhaustible energy and her impressive musical abilities. The event was directed by Dana Yasan.

This event, which was broadcasted from the Point2Point Studios, was the high point of an 8 months process exposing company employees to the new brand, to company strategy, and to the new employer brand. This was also an opportunity for us to bring the skills of "creating virtual events", which we had developed over the last year, to their optimum expression.

Exactly one year ago, we produced our last physical event – an event for the VERINT Company.

Right after that, dozens of events that had been planned for the year 2020 were canceled.

At the beginning of March 2020, we went into lockdown mode – which was an opportunity for professional and personal soul-searching – during which we decided to begin a new path: The creation of virtual events for our many clients, who found themselves at the same crossroads – how to continue the connection with employees and clients in a period of social distancing.

Neta Barzilai, Lior Suchard, Anit Daniel, Anat Nuhomovich, Raz Yoeli, Tracy Werner Avishay Greenfield Capi and Dana Yasan.
Neta Barzilai, Lior suchard and event team

And now it is one year later. Events on the virtual platform have become a part of our diverse toolkit – and will continue to be a part of our professional repertoire in the future.

This is an opportunity to express our gratitude to the marketing team of COGNYTE, led by Amit Daniel, for the great trust they placed in us during this period – and for the close collaboration all along the way.



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